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HNWS Engineering Department

The HNWS Engineering Department provides the following services and information. Customers may contact the System Engineer directly at

  • Development Project Review
  • Commercial Service Assessment
  • In-House Construction Projects
  • CIP Construction Projects
  • Impact Fee Analysis
  • Compliance
  • Guidelines, Standards, and Specifications
  • GIS Mapping
A map of the franchise map be downloaded here: HNWS Franchise Map.

Water & Sewer Availability Letters
Follow the link below to fill out and submit a request for an official Letter of Availability. These are typically required for house building permits and septic tank repairs.
Water & Sewer Availability Request Form

Development ProjectsEngineering employee reviewing construction plans on a desk.Do you have a project? All commercial and residential developments require the review and approval of HNWS Engineering and related staff. If you are in the process of planning a commercial or residential development, please familiarize yourself with the requirements set forth in the Guidelines, Standards, and Specifications. These documents also contain various forms that may be required by the review process or for other applications.

To get started on your review, please send via email a brief description of your project along with a site location (if known) to the System Engineer.  The engineer will be able to provide you with an overview of what the requirements will be for your particular project.  The requirements for project approval, construction, and close-out are outlined in further detail in Part 1 - General Requirements & Procedures, of the Guidelines, Standards, and Specifications.
Guidelines, Standards, and Specifications

Commercial Account Activation
If you are wanting to activate your services for a commercial account at a location with existing services, you may do so by completing the Owner/Customer and Business portions of the Commercial Impact Assessment Form and submitting it directly to the System Engineer by email.  Upon receipt of the form, Engineering will complete an Impact Assessment of the proposed commercial account to verify that the originally paid impact fees on the account are sufficient for the proposed usage. 

Once the assessment has been completed, you will receive by email a letter summarizing the assessment as well as an executed final version of the Development Application, which you may print out, execute, and bring in to Customer Service to finish activating your account.  This process typically takes 2-3 days but HNWS makes an effort to complete the assessments within 1 day of receiving the information.  Below is some helpful information to include in the initial submittal which will allow HNWS to complete the assessment as quickly as possible.
  • Business Tax ID
  • Property Appraiser Parcel ID
  • Billing Address
  • Square-Footage of Business
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Number of Employees per 8-Hour Shift
  • Number of Seats (if a bar or restaurant)
Impact Fees
Impact Fees are calculated using the guidelines set forth in the Board Approved HNWS Impact Fee Policy.  Impact fees may be based on the information provided by the Developer, such as number of employees, bathrooms, or seating in a restaurant.  However, every new business has the option of providing historical data to calculate impact fees in lieu of Table 1 found in the policy.  The method requires a minimum of 24 months of data from at least 3 similar businesses. 

If you have questions regarding impact fees or would like a preliminary estimate of impact fees for your project you may contact the System Engineer.  For a preliminary estimate, you will need to complete an Impact Fee Determination Request Form, which is available under Part 5 Forms of the Guidelines, Standards, and Specifications.

The HNWS Impact Fee Policy may be found under Part 6, Policies

Construction Projects
Holley-Navarre Water System has an ongoing number of projects taking place at any given time.  Here you will be able to find a list of currently active construction projects. 

  • Sevilla-Andorra LPS Extension
  • 1.0 MG Elevated Storage Tank