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Costs for Services

               2024 Rate Schedule Effective February 1, 2024
Type of Service
Membership Fee (one time) $5.00
Service Charge to establish service
Water Service Rate:     
Water Base Rate $6.01    
1‐3,000 Gallons (Per 1,000 Gallons) $4.49    
3,001‐9,000 gallons (per thousand gallons) $5.17    
Over 9,000  Gallons (Per 1,000 Gallons) $6.37    
Sewer Service Rate:     
Sewer Base Rate $27.39    
Per 1,000 Gallons $4.88    
Homeowner Deposit¹:      
Water Deposit
Water & Sewer Deposit
Renter Deposit:     
Water Deposit
Water & Sewer Deposit $160.00    
Commercial Deposit:      
Water Deposit *minimum of $100.00 2 Times Annual Average
Water & Sewer Deposit  *minimum of $200.00 2 Times Annual Average
Temporary Service  Water Sewer
Administration Fee & Service Charge
Temporary Service Rates
 Water Sewer  
99 Gallons or Less $0.00
100‐999 Gallons
Impact Fees:     
Impact Fees are based on square footage of the home. (HNWS Impact Fee Policy)      
Due to the variable on Commercial Impact Fee's, refer to the HNWS Engineering Services page. (HNWS Impact Fee Policy)      
Fire Hydrant Meter      
Non‐Refundable Setup Fee $150.00    
Administrative Fee $25.00    
Deposit $600.00    
Tampering ‐or‐ Illegal Hookup
Offense Residential Commercial/ Business
1st Offense $100.00 $500.00
2nd Offense $250.00 $1,000; and shall be reported to
proper law enforcement authorities per Chapter 812.14, Florida Statute
3rd Offense $500.00; and reported for
possible criminal prosecution
per Chapter 812.14, Fl Statue
Other Fees:     
Debit and Credit Transaction 2 (effective 4/9/2024)
E-Check Transaction 3 (effective 4/9/2024)
Seasonal Service Charge (8 month max) 4 $25.00 each trip    
After Hours Service Call Fee $135.00    
Late Fee 5 10% of total bill    
Non‐payment Fee $50.00    
NSF/ Return Check/ACH Items $25.00 per occurrence    
Backflow Assembly Testing Fee 6
Backflow Assembly Re‐Testing Fee 7
MXU Replacement Current Cost + Labor    
Meter Replacement Current Cost + Labor    
Box/ Lid Replacement Current Cost + Labor    
Customer request for re‐read/checks 1st time no charge:
 2nd time &
thereafter nothing wrong with meter



CaptureUtility Theft is a CRIME

Damaging, tampering with, or altering your water meter is a crime. While most of you would not consider doing such a thing, there are a number of people who would. Holley Navarre Water System has a program that aggressively pursues violators. Consequences include immediate termination of water services, civil penalties for repairing/replacing the water meter, and criminal prosecution. The Holley Navarre Water System Board of Directors have implemented a “Zero Tolerance” policy.

For Water or Sewer Line breaks
Please call
(850) 939-2427
24 hours per day

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Office Hours:
7:00am - 4:00pm
Monday thru Friday
**Once service is scheduled for turn off the following must be paid before service is re‐established: all arrears, a non‐payment fee, and any other fees that may be applicable.**
¹Any item marked as a "deposit" is refundable; conditions may apply.
2In-Office, IVR, and Online Payments;  additional fees may be applicable.
3IVR and Online Payments, additional fees may be applicable.

4Any account that is not activated within eight (8) months, will result in the account being finaled, additional fees may be applicable.
5To avoid penalties and additional fees, payments must be received in the office by 4:00 P.M. on the due date.
6Refer to the Backflow and Cross Connection Program for more information (HNWS_BFP & CCC Policies & Regulations)
7Conditions may apply‐ Please contact the backflow coordinator. (