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Cross-Connection & Backflow Prevention Program

    Reduced Pressure Backflow

For more information on Cross-Connection and Backflow, please go to the
Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection website.
Link is below.

Department of Environmental Protection
- Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program | FL DEP

HNWS Policy and Regulations - Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control Policies & Regulations

** Please note that HNWS will no longer be testing commercial backflows. **

****If you have a fire-line backflow prevention assembly on your property, it will also need to be tested! ****

Helpful Information

Insulating Your Backflow Assembly

Backflow Insulated cover      bf cover green

HNWS Cross-Connection and Backflow Brochure

University of Florida - Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker Backflow Information

How to prevent a cross connection from your garden hose

garden_hose - Copy

Below is a list of certified backflow testers who have registered with us. This list is provided for your convenience in choosing a vendor who meets the minimum requirements to test backflow prevention assemblies. HNWS is not recommending any tester or company.

Certified Backflow Tester List

**Testers, if you would like to be put on our list, please send me an email at: or call me at: 850-939-2427 Ext 243**

Contact Information:
Dee Maines - Backflow Coordinator
Phone: 850-939-2427 Ext 243
8574 Turkey Bluff Rd
Navarre, FL 32566