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Annual Account Review


Holley-Navarre Water System, Inc. passed the Commercial Impact Fee Usage Review Policy at the December 15, 2020, regular Board of Directors Meeting. The policy states that all commercial accounts will have their usage reviewed on an annual basis beginning January 1, 2022. A copy of this policy may be found here:

HNWS Commercial Impact Review Policy

Beginning 2022, should your account be found to be using 10% or more water on an annual average or maximum monthly basis than it has reserved with impact fees, you will be contacted and given 12 months reduce your water usage to the amount reserved by impact fees. Should you fail to reduce your water consumption, additional impact fees will be owed. The amount of impact fees owed will be the difference between the amount of impact fees credited on the account and the annual average or maximum month usage (as appropriate).

Any water meter which services more than 1 building or home is considered to be commercial and falls under this policy, along with every standard commercial account.

All questions, comments, complaints, or other inquiries regarding this policy should be submitted electronically through the form at the bottom of this page. HNWS will respond to all electronically submitted and written requests for clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I being charged impact fees at this time?
No, the initial letters sent in early July were to serve as a preliminary warning. Additional impact fees will be owed beginning in 2022 if you fail to alleviate your water usage exceedances.

Why is my bill so high?
Please log in to the Customer Portal to review your usage. If you see anything that does not correlate with your usage pattern or your hours of operation, it could indicate a leak. We recommend checking the toilets first and then all other water connections.

What water connections should I check?
Sinks, toilets, washers, dishwashers, fridges, water heaters, tankless water lines for dental chairs, ice machines, hoses, and any other equipment that has a water line going directly to it.

How do I check my toilet?

Start by turning the water valve off that is either behind or under the toilet. Take the lid off the water tank and mark your water line with a sharpie or pencil, leave it alone for at least 3-4 hours (for businesses, overnight when it is not needed is a good choice) after waiting the needed amount of time, check the water level against the mark that was made. If the water is lower than the mark, the flapper is not sealing, allowing water to leak.

If I have a leak, will that affect my annual review and possibly cause me to owe additional impact fees?
A leak that is not fixed in a timely manner will affect your use and could cause you to owe additional impact fees. This is because impact fees are paid to reserve a certain amount of capacity or water use, and an ongoing leak may result in the long-term average of water use to increase.

Tips for reducing water bills:

1. Review your statement each month to check water usage and set up the alerts for daily, weekly, and billing use in the Customer Portal.
2. Check your toilets regularly.
3. Some leaks are unable to be seen or heard, so toilets should be checked by turning off the water and marking the water line.

4. Make sure all equipment, hoses, etc., are disconnected from water if they are able to be.
5. Make sure to inspect other water fixtures and connections, such as outdoor hoses or supply lines, on a continual basis.
6. Consider adding weekly, biweekly, or monthly water fixture inspections to a normal maintenance routine.

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