Costs for Services

Effective May 1st, 2016

For Water or
Sewer Line breaks
please call
(850) 939-2427
24 hours per day

Holley Navarre Water System, Inc
8574 Turkey Bluff Rd.
Navarre, Florida 32566
Ph: (850) 939-2427
Fx: (850) 939-9541

Office Hours:
7:00am - 4:00pm
Monday thru Friday
Type of Service

Water Service Rate:

Water Base Rate
1 to 10,000 (Per 1,000 Gallons)
Over 10,000 Gallons (Per 1,000 Gallons) 4.99

Sewer Service Rate:
Sewer Base Rate $24.68
Per 1,000 Gallons 3.82

Homeowner Deposit:
Water Deposit w/ Membership Fee $65.00
Water & Sewer Deposit w/ Membership Fee 125.00

Renter Deposit:
Water w/ Membership Fee $85.00
Water & Sewer Deposit w/ Membership Fee 165.00

Commercial Deposit:
Water w/ Membership Fee 2 Times Annual Average + $5.00
Water & Sewer Deposit w/ Membership Fee 2 Times Annual Average + $5.00
Due to the variable on Commercial Impact Fee's, please call our office for rates.

Impact Fees:
Water Tap w/ Deposit & Membership Fee $65.00 Plus Impact Fee
Water & Sewer Tap w/ Deposit & Membership Fee $125.00 Plus Impact Fee
Impact Fees are Based on Square Footage of Home.

Other Fees:

Service Charge to establish service
Seasonal Service Charges to turn off and turn on
$25.00** Each Trip
After Hours Turn on
Non-Payment Fee
Returned Check Fee / ACH Items

Customer request for re-read/re-check: No charge FIRST time.
Each subsequent request $25.00 if meter checks OK.
Utility Theft is a CRIME

Damaging, tampering with, or altering your water meter is a crime. While most of you would not consider doing such a thing, there are a number of people that would. Holley Navarre Water System has a program that aggressively pursues violators. Consequences include immediate termination of water services, civil penalties for repairing/replacing the water meter, and criminal prosecution. The Holley Navarre Water System Board of Directors have implemented a “Zero Tolerance” policy.

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